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Dr. Wernick seems like a very nice and charismatic doctor (and very attractive). But the office the appointment took place at did not feel like an office at all. I walked into what seemed like a Dental office mixed with an optical store. In fact, the doctor was hanging out at the receptionist desk when I walked in. The entire atmosphere was lax, but unprofessional. Dr. Wenick performed the eye exam on me and was patient enough to listen to my concerns. However, I felt like the staff kept pushing for me to purchase glasses and gave questionable information to persuade me. While I know glasses are necessary, the staff made it seem too much like a business opportunity. I appreciated the doctor but left feeling skeptical because of the staff.

Mylene P.

Dr. Wernick was great! I highly recommend him, and I will go back next time I need an eye exam.

Katerina Z.

Dr. Wernick took his time with me and was very thorough when giving me my eye exam. Highly recommended.

Arlene J.

Dr. Wernick was very professional. Answered all my questions that I had. His approach was very gentle. I highly recommend him.

Bene L.



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