Central Serous Retinopathy Treatment in NYC

Published on
January 4, 2023

The prevalence of central serous retinopathy in men is 9.9 per 100,000, while the prevalence in women is 1.7 per 100,000. It is an eye condition that leads to fluid building up behind the macula. Your eye’s macula produces your best and sharpest vision and it is located in the middle of the back part.

What are the symptoms of central serous retinopathy?

In most cases, the symptoms occur in one eye, but they can also appear in both eyes. The following symptoms may be associated with central serous retinopathy:

  • Sudden or gradual vision loss.
  • Dimming in your vision.
  • Distortions in your vision where things and lines start to appear more wavy and bent versus straight.
  • Trouble with colours and they may appear more washed out.


If you notice any of these symptoms or experience sudden changes in your vision and find it difficult for you to perform your daily activities, please schedule an eye exam with our eye doctor in New York.

Who is at risk of developing central serous retinopathy?

A number of causes may simply be idiopathic (meaning that it can occur spontaneously). This is typically more prevalent in men than in women. It's usually associated with patients who are under a lot of stress or have a type A personality. However, this can also occur in women, specifically pregnant women are more likely to develop central serous retinopathy.

How is central serous retinopathy diagnosed?

The first step is to do a thorough eye exam during which we check your vision and dilate your eyes. A special magnifying lens is used to examine the back part of the eye and assess the macula for swelling or fluid buildup and central serous retinopathy. In addition to dilating your eyes, we also have multiple imaging devices in our office to assess the macula at a microscopic level. We specifically have an advanced OCT (optical coherence tomography)  at the practice.

How is an OCT used for central serous retinopathy?

OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. In this non-invasive imaging test, light waves are used to create a highly detailed image of the back part of the eye using advanced high-scale technology. It allows us to see all the different layers of the retina. In this way, we can identify any subretinal or sub RPE fluid associated with central serous retinopathy.

It is also possible to measure the thickness of the macula and quantify the degree of swelling with OCT. In addition to diagnosing you, we can use the OCT to monitor progress or to see if it is resolving, because with central serous retinopathy, symptoms and the condition may resolve spontaneously. The OCT is also great for taking a baseline image and then at your follow-up appointment, taking another to see if anything has changed. 

Apart from monitoring you, we may also suggest you stop taking steroids if possible. It is never safe to stop cold turkey, we have to assess the risks and benefits in collaboration with your primary care physician who prescribed the steroids to you. If you have blood vessel leakage associated with the fluid, you may have to undergo multiple injections to get rid of the blood, swelling, and fluid.

We are proud to have an advanced OCT unit called the Maestro 2 at our Manhattan medical eye care clinic. We invest heavily in some of the most advanced technology available to enable our eye doctors to provide cutting edge eye care in our NYC optometry clinic. 

Schedule an eye exam at Amplify EyeCare Manhattan

In case you or your loved one is suffering from the above described symptoms, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam so that we can examine you thoroughly and determine the best course of treatment. You can schedule a comprehensive eye exam by calling (212) 752-6930. Patients with central serous retinopathy visit our clinic from all over New York, and we are proud to be a leading provider of medical eye care services and retinal imaging for such patients from New York, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.


At Amplify with Dr Wernick I was seeking help for seemingly intractable, probably age-related dryness. I've seen other doctors about it, and that has been helpful, but what he explained to me about it and the careful way he answered all my questions gave me so much more of a clear understanding of what is going on (and is not) that I am more able to implement all his and others' recommendations than I was before. And he gave me additional resources for further follow-up. I am most grateful.

Cynthia Norton

Wow! This is a great Eye Care medical facility. I was thoroughly examined by Dr. Pinkhasov for over 2 hours. She made sure to check my eyes for pretty much everything and patiently explained proper care for my eyes. They definitely know how to provide great care and treat their patients right. Now I know why they have such a great reputation and been around for so long.

Steve Fay

Dr. Kavner is a gifted diagnostician and orthoptic therapist. He treated me several decades ago for a condition similar to dyslexia. I was having migraines five times per week. I worked with him for about a year and I experienced tremendous improvement (down to 3-4 per year) that has lasted.

Mary K.

Dr. Kavner recommended two types of eye therapy for my daughter. One of them using bio-feedback. In just three sessions she is seeing considerably better. She shouted this morning: Ooh my God! I could not see these letters with my glasses on, and now I can see them without my glasses. If you are willing and able to invest in improving your vision, this is a good place to go to!

Peter G.

Dr. Kavner recommended two types of eye therapy for my daughter. One of them using bio-feedback. In just three sessions she is seeing considerably better. She shouted this morning: Ooh my God! I could not see these letters with my glasses on, and now I can see them without my glasses. If you are willing and able to invest in improving your vision, this is a good place to go to!

Kinkie F.

I have always found Dr Kavner's work, expertise and wisdom of the highest caliber. As one of the fathers of OT, occupational othomology, his depth and breadth of knowledge about the eyes' health and wellbeing of the patient is exemplary. Cannot say enough good things about him.

Allen B.
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