Vision Therapy Program

Amplify EyeCare is now offering on-site vision therapy for your children! Not being able to make it to the office will no longer stop your child from getting the care they deserve.

What is The Importance of Comprehensive School Vision Screenings?

Our Therapy Program Has Gone Mobile

Amplify EyeCare is happy to announce a development in our vision therapy program. We’ve decided to take the therapies mobile to be better able to treat those who can’t make it to the office. Our mobile team can set up on-site at a local facility, institution, or school and carry out vision therapy.

Our children and students alike deserve the care they need and sometimes proximity to the office will prevent them getting that care. This will no longer be the case with our new mobile program. Our mobile team can bring the therapy to you.

Scheduling And Pricing

Scheduling will take place with the office. We’ll coordinate the day/time slot that's convenient for both the children and the therapist.
The cost will either be covered by insurance, for insurances our office participates with, or out of pocket. The pricing for group based therapy is $75 for each person. The group session will run the course of 45 minutes for each one. There can be 2-4 children in each session.

In order to schedule on-site therapy there needs to be a minimum of 8 children enrolled in a 3 hour block of time.

The Benefits of On-Site Therapy

  • The convenience of therapy being brought your location
  • Cost effective group therapy plan
  • Specialized care delivered in a familiar environment 
  • On-site access to a professional vision therapist 
  • Ongoing care being given to your students and children
  • Travel challenged parents will be able to have their children treated without interrupting their daily routine


Dr. Nathaniel Wernick
He graduated from the Northeastern State University College of Optometry and was selected for Residency training at the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry. As a Resident Optometrist, he specialized in Pediatrics, Vision Therapy, and Traumatic Brain Injury.
Doctor Sarah Pinkhasov
She has a Doctor of Optometry from the
State University of New York College of
She is very passionate about myopia
management, using various techniques
to help young patients slow down the
progression of myopia, also known as
Peter Spiak
Lead Vision Therapist / Senor Vision Therapist 
Peter graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Psychology. He’s been working in vision therapy with children for the past seven years. With the fundamentals in vision and an education in psychology he offers a well rounded perspective when approaching patients.

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